It isn’t often you get to bring someone else along on an odyssey, but as the audience of Titanium Outdoors, you are both spectators and participants in what we feel is a very unique approach in radio programming.  There are many radio programs that vie for your time, and certainly some of these are “outdoors” programs that may gain your interest.  Of these outdoors shows, so many focus on hunting, or fishing, or even conservation.   That is to be expected, since those subjects, not unlike NASCAR, touch a vast number, and broad spectrum, of people across this great land.

There is a new kind of programming now available to outdoor enthusiasts!  Titanium Outdoors is unique to radio.  Simplified as, Titanium Outdoors brings ALL outdoors to the listener.  A quick paced entertainment program for the whole family, Titanium covers just about everything outdoors that you could imagine.  Sure, the core program covers hunting, fishing and conservation, but there is so much more to the outdoors.  Hiking, Kayaking, seasonal color tours, power sports,

boating, cooking, women in outdoors, youth in outdoors, competitions of all sorts, camping, reviews of gear and apparel for every kind of purpose outdoors, and much, much more.

On a recent trip to Asia, a seafood restaurant that I happened upon had a giant neon sign that read “if it swims, we have it”.  Well, 22outdoors is kind of like that, just without the giant neon sign…  “If it happens outdoors, we cover it”.  I would add that if we haven’t covered it yet, let us know, and we’ll work to get it on the schedule!

We are very proud of the importance that we place on covering “women in outdoors”.  In a recent interview, it was said that ‘men learn [outdoors activities] from their fathers, but women traditionally have not had anyone to teach to them the finer points of the outdoors’.  It is our belief that by bringing a spotlight to the subject, we might inspire, in some small way, more women to become involved in activities that have previously been looked at as men’s interests.

We don’t know it all.  That’s why we try to learn along with our audience each week.  Our approach is a simple one.  To conduct conversational interviews on subjects that will be interesting to a broad range of audience members, and to do so on a compelling breadth of topics. 

Hearing from you, the audience, is an important part of the process.  We count on your input to find subjects that are both unique and interesting.  If we miss the mark, so to speak, let us know, but if you think we were right on target, we trust you will share that with us, too.  We know we won’t have it right 100%, but we sure will try.  It’s how we operate.  Follow the “contact” link on the side menu.  That will get you to our email, social media, and phone information.  We think it is important that you use it often, as we count on your input to help us get it right.

So, as we start out on this journey, we sincerely hope you will be along with us for the excitement every week.  And if you bring a friend or two along for the ride, we would sure appreciate it.