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Yet another sunny Sunday afternoon, with nothing to do; no complaints, as those are often the best kind of sunny Sunday afternoon - especially after a long, cold winter. There was nothing that HAD to be done, only things that I wanted to accomplish- at my leisure.

Earlier in the morning, I had set up a new turkey blind. With Spring turkey hunting in mind, I was even motivated to practice turkey calling. It is kind of therapeutic, once you get into it. So it was no surprise then that the morning quickly disappeared. Shortly after noon my stomach decided I was hungry.

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Medium rare, thick cut venison chops.  Rainbow trout almondine.  Rack of elk ribs with a beer-bourbon glaze served with seasonal root vegetables.  Cedar-plank Whitefish with braised seasonal vegetables and Citrus Vinaigrette.   Braised rabbit saddle in Leelenau Peninsula Pinot Noir & Michigan Morel cream sauce.  Even one of these would be a spectacular addition to any menu. 

Restaurants that serve wild game are often difficult to find, so we need your help.  If you know of a great restaurant, or a dive hole-in-the-wall, that serves one of those memorable wild game dishes, or even better, if you know one that has an entire menu of right from the wild dishes, we need to know about it. 

Take a moment to fill out our contact form, and let us know your favorite place for great wild fare.  

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When my editor asked me to write about the new Polaris RZR ATV, I was pretty jacked. I’ve been piloting ATV’s for almost 19 years. I say piloting, because, in my mind anyway, I’ve been airborne on many of those rides.

But back here on planet earth, when it comes to ATVing, side-by-sides have been making an impact on the off road motor sports world. Polaris, of course,